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Dual Stainless Steel Pet Food Storage Drawer Insert (Top Mount w/ Flanges)

Custom Made to Order - Top Mount (w/ drawer edge flanges) - Available for any inside drawer width of 48” max.
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Product Details

  • Custom built in the USA to fit your existing drawers inside Width, Depth & Height
  • Consists of a two Pet Food Storage Insert
  • Both inserts feature a 1/2” top flanges on 4 sides for drawer edge protection, aesthetics and gap concealment
  • Both inserts feature our proprietary Hardware Bypass System (to accommodate hardware and drawer front mounting screw head clearance)
  • Both inserts includes removable sliding lid assemblies with rubber seals to aid in freshness and odors. Available with optional hardware choices, custom lid engraving, internal dividers and more.
  • Drop in installation - No tools required
  • 100% all 304 Stainless Steel construction from USA made stainless steel

A clean and custom solution for the family pets mealtime storage. Our stainless steel pet food storage drawer inserts are custom custom built to fit any drawer and come complete with a removable sliding lid assembly that integrates a rubber seal to help with odor and freshness. Built to fit means that these workhorse inserts can be located in the best drawer location for accessibility and convenience. Available in dual and single units means we can accommodate any drawer size or customer requirements. Lid engraving in any descriptive text is a great option for that extra personalized touch.

Like all of our drawer inserts each is fit with our proprietary hardware bypass system which allows for the drop in installation of the insert all while bypassing and concealing any hardware or drawer front mounting screws or obstruction

5/8" Tall - Satin Nickel Knob - Minimum of 3/4" of clearance required from drawer top to cabinet frame opening.

1/4" Tall Fold Down D-Ring - Minimum of 5/16" clearance required from drawer top to cabinet frame opening.

3/16" Hole for own knob - Minimum of your overall knob height + 1/8" clearance required from drawer top to cabinet frame opening.

Measure the Interior of your drawer EXACTLY. DO NOT make deductions. We do all the deductions in our production process. This ensures a perfect fit.


Installation is drop in, no tools required. It may be required to remove the drawer entirely from the tracks to drop in. Our proprietary hardware bypass system creates a 3/16" gap that allows for the liner to clear hardware and drawer face mounting screws that may be present on the inside of the drawer.

The image below shows installation of the stainless liner into a wooden drawer box (not included) as well as the removable sliding lid system.

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