Cookware Drawer Panels


The hard metallic surface of stainless steel makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere and survive. Its easy clean ability makes it the first choice for strict hygiene conditions. Stainless steels mainly Type 304, can be kept scrupulously clean and withstand aggressive chemicals. The stainless our products are constructed from (type 304) is used extensively in hospital environments and in food processing environments. Stainless steel resists nitric acid well and sulfuric acid at moderate temperature and concentrations. Learn more about the features and benefits of stainless steel!


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Add durability where it is most needed. When you are adding heavy duty cookware to your drawers let our drawer panels assist with the wear. With added bracing and structure these elevated panels are easy to install and are exceptionally strong where it counts. Built to fit any drawer means an exacting fit to your drawers interior. Keep things tidy in one of the hardest rooms to keep in line. Easily removable for a quick rinse. 



Stainless Cookware Drawer Liners


  • Individually custom built to fit your exact drawer dimensions.

  • Includes complete stainless drawer liner with reinforced bracing.  

  • For drawers with a max width of 48"