Do you offer any standard sized products?

No. All of our products are custom hand built to fit existing drawers.

Do you have price sheets available?

No. Being that all of our products are custom built to fit we must quote each insert based on the drawers exact internal dimensions. To get pricing simply configure your insert and add to your Quote Request. Once submitted we will reply with a written quote typically the same business day requested.

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes. We primarily work directly with the trade. All trade customers receive trade pricing.

Do you offer inserts for metal drawers like Blum Legrabox?

Yes. Any of our products can be built to accomodate any modular or metal style drawer such as Blum, Grass and Hettich. Our RFQ forms will allow you to note which style you have.

How do I order?

Ordering is simple! First get a quote. Add product details to your Quote Request Cart using the "Add to Quote" button on each product page. When finshined submit your details in the cart for a written quote by email. We will email you a written quote typcailly the same business day requested. Alternatively you can call us direct for a price right over the phone. If you approve the quote, we will send you an invoice you can pay wth credit card or check. Production will start and your order will ship on or before the estimated ship date.

What is yor typical production time?

Most generally our standard production time is 2-3 weeks depending on current products schedule. If you require your order to ship sooner than the production time noted on your quote just let us know and we can work together on getting things when and where you need them.

Do I need to make allowances in my drawer?

No. We require EXACT internal drawer dimensions. WE MAKE ALLOWANCES in our production process to accomodate your drawer (even hardware screw heads). NOTE: All of our inserts have 1/2" flange on all four sides that set on top of the drawer if going into timber drawer and down inside if going inside a metal drawer (Blum Legrabox, Grass, Hettich etc.)

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